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Easily integrate REACH into your project by leveraging the Versium REACH APIs with this library


It's recommended that you first create a virtual Python environment before installing using tools such as virtualenv or conda. This is to prevent you from installing the package directly onto your system's base Python installation. Once you have created and activated your virtual environment, proceed with one of the steps below.

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It's recommended that you install from the root of your project; use composer to install the SDK from .

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Install with NPM or Yarn:
Supports JavaScript and TypeScript on Node.js v16+

See README for usage info.

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Q: Where do I learn more information about how to use these SDKs?
A: Each SDK is slightly different in implementation because they are made in different languages. If you want to learn more about how to use a specific SDK once you have installed it, visit the GitHub for the SDK and read the implementation directions in the file

Q: Do these libraries make sure that I don’t hit the 20 queries/second rate limit?
A: No, it is up to you to ensure that you are not hitting the rate limit

Q: What happens if any of my requests fail?
A: If any requests fail with a 429 or 500 http status code, they will be retried once after the specified wait time. If a retried request is successful, it will be added to the final return array. If a retried request fails, it will be left out of the return array. If any requests fail with a different status code, they will not be returned in the output array
For reference, please see the HTTP Status Codes page.

Q: Do I need an API Key?
A: Yes. In order for these libraries to work, you must have a valid API Key. See our page on how to manage your API Key and Usage for more information if you aren’t sure how to find yours or get one provisioned.

Q: Will the SDKs work with the newest REACH API?
A: Yes. As long as a valid API Key, input data, and data tool are provided, these SDKs will work with any REACH API

Q: I am not sure where to find information about a certain REACH API, where can I learn more?
A: Visit our Versium REACH APIs page for each REACH API to see the corresponding data tool, required inputs, required output types, and what information is returned.