Versium for Sheets™

Transform your marketing data with Versium for Sheets™, a suite of powerful data enrichment and cleansing tools seamlessly integrated into your Google Sheets workflow.

Key benefits:

  • Enhanced data quality for improved campaign performance
  • implified data enrichment and cleansing within Google Sheet
  • Access to over 200+ data attributes for deeper audience insights

All this without leaving the familiar Google Sheets™ environment. Versium for Sheets™ leverages Versium’s REACH APIs, providing easy-to-use functions and comprehensive documentation to guide you through every step of the process.

Elevate your marketing campaigns with Versium for Sheets™ and unlock the power of clean, enriched data for a more targeted and effective approach.

Get started today and experience the transformative impact of Versium for Sheets™ on your marketing data.

Get Started

Versium for Sheets™ functions:

  • Contact Append
    • You have a file of consumer contact information for individuals, and you want to add alternate direct contact information to your file.
      • Input options: first name, last name, email, phone, address, city, state, zip
      • Outputs can include: phone/mobile number, email address, and postal address to that individual record
    • Potential use cases: Enabling new marketing channels such as email, SMS, direct dial, or direct mail marketing.
  • Demographic Append
    • You have some contact information for your customer or prospect and want to know more about that person so you can segment and prioritize your marketing campaigns.
      • Input options: first name, last name, email, phone, address, city, state, zip
      • Outputs can include the following four Demographic Append categories: Basic Demographic, Household Financial and Auto, Lifestyle and Interests, and Political & Donor.
    • Potential use cases: Enabling new marketing channels such as email, SMS, direct dial, or direct mail marketing.
  • Firmographic Append
    • Determine which accounts to prioritize by adding firmographic details to your lists.
      • Inputs: email, domain, business name + full address (address, city, state, zip), business name + phone number
      • Outputs: business name, postal address, city, state, zip, country, phone, domain, website home page, number of employees, sales volume, year founded, SIC, SIC description, NAICS, NAICS description, public or private
    • Potential use cases: Segment sales and marketing targets by the firmographic attributes most important for your products/services, prioritize the companies that most closely align with your ICPs, and purge prospects that are a poor fit so sales and marketing teams can optimize their ROI.
  • Consumer to Business Append
    • You have a list of names and emails, and you’d like to know what company these people work for.
      • Input: a person’s name and consumer email
      • Output: the company this person works for, the person’s business email, as well as firmographic information about the company they work for
    • Potential Use Cases: This allows you to prioritize your sales and marketing efforts to prospects at companies you recognize, industries you know are a good fit for your product, and/or companies that are of the right size.
  • IP to Business Domain
    • You may have access to the IP addresses that visit your website, but you may not know the companies behind those IPs.
      • Input: IP addresses of your website visitors
      • Output: companies the people visiting your website work for
    • Potential Use Cases: This will give you valuable insight into who is visiting your website and showing interest in your product, so you can start marketing and selling to these companies.
  • Hashed Email to Business Domain
    • You want to extract business domains from email addresses you have, but the email addresses are hashed or you want to avoid sending PII.
      • Input: a hashed email address
      • Output: the business domain of that email address
    • Potential Use Cases: This will allow you to extract the business domain from email addresses without providing or receiving any PII.
  • Data Prep
    • Data Prep allows users to easily cleanse data at scale using a set of automated actions that allow for rapid data manipulation rather than costly manual processing.
    • Data Prep performs a series of data cleansing and manipulation actions on inputs and returns the results of those actions. Data Prep actions can generate new fields, enriching the input records with extra data points. They can also overwrite existing fields, replacing messy inputs with cleansed data. Control over whether a new field is created or an existing field is overwritten lies completely with the end user.

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