Account Based List (ABM) API

Generate an Account Based List with the ABM API. Account-based lists include contact and company information for additional business people working at companies identified by their business domain.
Providing a business domain (and optional filter fields) the API will return a list of records that will include:

  • Title
  • Business Name
  • Domain
  • Email Address
  • Address


    By submitting the API request, you agree to be charged based on the results from the generated list.

    ❗️ Expect long API Response Time (up to several minutes).

    This API generates a list of records (up to several thousand) and will return them all at once in the response.
    As such, some requests will take time to complete (up to several minutes).
    Please ensure you manage time-outs accordingly.


Here's the format to call the ABM API:

Output Type

Output type is what the user would like to obtain from the ABM API. There are two different output type available for this API; both can be used in the same call to obtain different data sets.
The below table provides a description of each output type.

Output TypeValue TypeDescription
abm_emailArrayWill return email audience data in the output.
abm_online_audenceArrayWill return online audience data in the output.


Inputs - what the API users to search

Inputs are information that the ABM API will use to search in the Versium REACH back end. The API will then match your inputs with data in the Versium Data store and return the matched business information as available.
The below table provides a description of the search parameter value that can be used.

domain[]A single business domain.
Note: even if the input is an array, only one single domain will be accepted as input.

Optional Filter Parameters

Optional filter parameters will allow to configure the API to return only records that match the filters. The below table lists the optional filter parameters available.

Filter ParameterDescriptionPossible ValuesExample
rd_title_seniority[]An array of seniority-related positions.
Note: values are case sensitive.
VP/Sr. Executive
rd_department[]An array of company departments.
Note: values are case sensitive.
List too long - please see Department Valuesrd_department[]=Creative
rd_role[]An array of company roles.
Note: values are case sensitive.
List too long - please see Role Valuesrd_role[]=Brokers
d_numemployeesThe number of employees in the company. Value should be a string range in this format: min-max.min: 0
max: 500000
d_salesvolumeThe annual sales volume of a company. Value should be a string range in this format: min-max.min: 0
max: 1,000,000,000,000
d_state[]An array of 2 letter US state abbreviations.One or more of the 50 US state abbreviations.d_state[]=AZ&d_state[]=WA
d_city_state[]An array of US city and 2 letter US state combinations.A US city with its state, separated by a comma.d_city_state[]=Tucson,AZ&d_city_state[]=Seattle,WA
d_zip[]An array of US zip5 codes.One or more 5 digit US zip codes.d_zip[]=98072&d_zip[]=98052&d_zip[]=98036

Optional Parameters

Optional Configuration Parameters are used to specify and configure how the ABM API will perform the search.

Optional Config. Param.ValueDescriptionUsage
cfg_b2clocA Boolean that dictates whether any supplied location filters apply to a records business building location or the employees home location.0 - business location
1 - employee home location
cfg_b2cloc=0 (default)
rcfg_domain_mapReturn domains and parent companies in the result.parent_dommaprcfg_domain_map=parent_dommap
cfg_maxrecsperdomainThe maximum number of records to return for the input domain.A numerical valuecfg_maxrecsperdomain=10

Response Headers

A successful response will return a Content-type response header, “Content-type: text/plain".

An error response will return a Content-type response header, “Content-Type: application/json“.

A unique query id will be returned in the response headers: “x-versium-query-id“.