Get business demographic details with the Consumer to Business record Append API. With a consumer first name, last name and email can retrieve the business contact name, job title and business details from the Versium Data store, including:

  • Job Title
  • Business email address
  • Basic business information
  • Postal address
  • Domain
  • Industry, NAICS, SIC
  • Number of employees
  • Sales volume
  • Year founded


Here's the format to call the Consumer to Business Append API:

Data Tool

The Consumer to Business Append API accepts the following data tool:

Data Tool ValueDescription
c2bUsed to search an append firmographic data from the following consumer inputs:
First name
Last name
Consumer email
biz domain

Example:[email protected]

Inputs - what the API uses to search

Inputs are information that the Consumer to Business Append API will use to search in the Versium REACH back end. The data tool of this API service accepts the following:

  • Required data tool: First Name, Last Name, Consumer email

  • Optional data tool: domain

The API will then match your inputs with consumers in the Versium Data store, and returns business information, as available.

ValueData ToolDescriptionExample
firstc2bA person's first nameJohn
lastc2bA person's last nameSmith
emailc2bA valid consumer email[email protected]
domainc2bA business

Optional Parameters

Optional Configuration Parameters are used to specify and configure how the Consumer-to-Append API will perform the search.

Optional Config. ParamValueDescription
rcfg_max_timeA whole or decimal numberMaximum allowed API run time (in seconds).