Data Prep - Introduction

DataPrep APIs performs a series of data cleansing and manipulation actions on inputs and returns the results of those actions. DataPrep actions can generate new fields, enriching the input records with extra data points. They can also overwrite existing fields, replacing messy inputs with cleansed data. Control over whether a new field is created or an existing field is overwritten lies completely with the end user.

Actions can take multiple inputs and have multiple outputs depending on the particular operation they perform. Actions can be chained together in a sequence such that the output(s) of one action becomes the input(s) of a subsequent action. The API takes the name of an action, input fields, output fields, and sometimes options that change the behavior of the action.

There are two ways to call the API, a Long-form API and a Short-form API form. Both forms provide the same functionality, except that the short-form only allows a single input record at a time while the long-form allows for batching multiple records into a single request.

Please refer to Data Prep Actions for the full list of actions you can use.