Persona Based Job API

This API utilizes the REACH Job processing queue to generate a B2B Persona csv file, which can be downloaded after creation.


By submitting the API request, you agree to be charged based on the results from the generated list.


API End point:

HTTP method: POST

This API uses the Configuration Parameters

Required Configuration Parameters

NameDescriptionValue TypeNotes
nameWhat to name the liststring
project_nameThe name of the project to store the list in. If a project with this name doesn’t exist, a new one will be created.stringRequired if project_id is not provided
project_idThe id of an existing project to store the list in.integerRequired if project_name is not provided
callback_urlA URL to ping when the job has completed or failed.string

For additional required and optional configuration parameters, see the Configuration Parameters page.

Optional Configuration Parameters

NameDescriptionValue Type
callback_urlA URL to ping when the job has completed or failed.string


Generate a list with the following configuration and filters:

  • name: redmond_wa
  • in project name: 1116
  • with output b2b_persona_online_audience
  • in the geographical area of city state: Redmond, WA[]=b2b_persona_online_audience&d_city_state[]=Redmond, wa

The JSON response will contain meta information and the state_url that can be used to obtain the job status. Once completed the JSON response will include the URL to send subsequent API requests to.

Dispatched response

    "versium": {
        "version": "2.0",
        "query_id": "fd4cb1d842372ee65c10d56bfe59e051",
        "query_time": 0.1813650131225586,
        "results": {
            "id": 810271,
            "guid": "d49747d6-3953-4c35-9d9f-e413f33f2224",
            "state": "dispatched",
            "operation": "personaListGen",
            "created_at": "2024-05-24T20:52:11.000000Z",
            "finished_at": null,
            "config": {
                "cfg_groupby": "emailAddr",
                "d_city_state": [
                    "Redmond, wa"
                "listgen_output_option": [
            "output_list": {
                "id": 636865,
                "download_url": null,
                "num_matches": 0,
                "num_records": 0,
                "project_id": 80370,
                "insights": null
            "state_url": "",
            "callback_url": null,
            "suppression_input_list_ids": null,
            "est_sec_remaining": null,
            "progress_percentage": 0