Suppression Lists

REACH APIs use the REACH APP Suppression lists. This means that any call made to a REACH API will automatically be checked and the results and will not be returned if any records match the ones contained in the REACH APP Suppression list. By default, APIs will reference all Suppression lists uploaded into the REACH APP.

However, APIs are able to use a single specific Suppression list by referencing its ID with the parameter rcfg_supression_ids[]

Examples of using the rcfg_supression_ids[] optional parameter:

  • single suppression list: &rcfg_suppression_ids[]=3
  • multiple suppression lists: &rcfg_suppression_ids[]=3&rcfg_suppression_ids[]=10

Where to find the Suppression List ID

The Suppression List ID can be found by logging into REACH and then clicking on Settings->Suppression and Optout

A table with all the suppression lists will be displayed and the list ID will be on the right most column.

For more information on how to upload and manage a suppression list please see the following pages on the REACH Help documentation: