Output Sample

The Firmographic Append API will return results based on the search input data. The below displays all the fields that can be returned.

        "Postal Address",
        "Website Home Page",
        "Employee Count",
        "Year Founded",
        "SIC Description",
        "NAICS Description",
        "Public or Private"

Response Example

Note: output fields with no value do not show up in the response.

  "versium": {
    "version": "2.0",
    "match_counts": {
      "firmographic": 1
    "num_matches": 1,
    "num_results": 1,
    "query_id": "a4bed6a0ee1ad8ebc48fa1bf038c60ab",
    "query_time": 0.17432808876037598,
    "results": [
       "Business": "Versium Employees, Location, Careers",
       "Postal Address": "7530 164th Ave Ne Ste A240",
       "City": "Redmond",
       "State": "Wa",
       "Zip": "98052",
       "Country": "Us",
       "Domain": "Versium.com",
       "Number of Employees": "30",
       "Sales Volume": "7000000",
       "Year Founded": "2012",
       "SIC": "7374",
       "SIC Description": "Data Processing And Preparation",
       "Public or Private": "Private"
    "input_query": {
      "domain": "versium.com"