Online Audience Append API

The REACH online audience API will return additional contact points for targeting users on Adroll, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or a Generic format.
The API returns data that is pre-formatted for these services (i.e. what each service can accept). The JSON response will have appropriate header to separate and identify each service.

In addition, each service section will contain the appropriate headers for each data type.


Hashed Output

Depending on the service used, some (if not all) of the data will be hashed with SHA256 with the exception of
AdRoll that will be hashed with MD5.

Note: The API will first transform the string to lowercase and then perform the hashing.

See Output for sample and details.

The below table shows these headers and their meaning.

Service NameHeadersHashed fieldMax Field Count
AdRollemailemail (MD5)email: 8
fn (first name)
ln (last name)
fi (first initial)
ct (city)
st (state)
all are hashed (SHA256)email: 3
phone: 3
first name
last name
email (SHA256)
phone (SHA256)
first name (SHA256)
last name (SHA256)
email: 8
phone: 7
email (SHA256)email: 1
Genericemailemail (SHA256)email: 14


Here's the format to call the Online Audience API:

Data Tool

The Onlineaudience API accepts the following data tools:

Data Tool ValueDescription
b2cOnlineAudienceUsed to search for consumer (B2C) contacts.
b2bOnlineAudienceUsed to search for business (B2B) contacts.

Examples:[email protected][email protected]

Inputs - what the API uses to search

Inputs are information that the Online Audience API will use to search in the Versium REACH back end.
This API service accepts a the below search parameters and it matches your inputs with records in the Versium Data store, and returns information, as available.

Minimum required search parameters combinations for each Online Audience API:

  • first, last, email
  • business, first, last, city, state
  • domain, first, last, city, state
  • fullname, email
  • business, fullname, city, state
  • domain, fullname, city, state
  • LinkedIn URL


  • email
  • phone
  • address, city, state, zip
  • first, last, city, state
  • first, last, zip
firstA person's first nameJohn
lastA person's last nameSmith
fullnameA person First and Last nameJohn Smith
addressA house/building number and street123 Main st.
address_2The unit number of an addressApt 12 or Unit 510
cityA city nameSeattle
stateA US State two letter abbreviationWA
zipA 5 digit US ZIP Code98052
countryA 2 letter country abbreviationUS
phoneA valid 10 digit North American phone number2061235555
emailA valid email address (Business or Consumer)[email protected]
domainA business
businessA business nameVersium
li_urlA valid LinedIn URL

Optional Parameters

Optional Configuration Parameters are used to specify and configure how the Online Audience Append API will perform the search.

Optional Config. ParameterValueDescription
cfg_maxrecs1 (default) -> 100Number of returned records
rcfg_max_timeA whole or decimal numberMaximum allowed API run time (in seconds).
rcfg_oa_services[]possible values:
- facebook
- google
- linkedin
- generic
- adroll
- original
- liveramp (requires permission)
- stackadapt (requires permission)
Specifies which services to return hashed data for. The default is every service.