Discover details about businesses starting from an IP address. The IP-to-Domain API accepts a single IP address (IPv4) and returns up to 3 business domains along with the firmographic information for each business found, which includes:

  • Domain
  • Basic business information
  • Postal address
  • Industry, NAICS, SIC
  • Number of employees
  • Sales volume
  • Year founded


Here's the format to call the IP-to-Domain Append API:


Data Tool

The IP-do-Domain Append API accepts the following data tool:

Data ToolDescription
iptodomainAn IP address (IPv4)


Inputs - what the API uses to search

Inputs are information that the IP-to-Domain API will use to search in the Versium REACH back end. The data tool of this API service accepts the following:

  • iptodomain data tool: IP Address (IPv4)

The API will then match your inputs with consumers in the Versium Data store, and returns associated domains and firmographic information, as available.