APIs Response Time


Response Time varies and is directly dependent on the API payload

What is reported below are the average response time for each API. Depending on their payload (i.e. the data that the API is provided with as input) the response time will vary.

Below are the average response time for each API.

API NameAverage Response Time
Contact Append - Address0.72s
Contact Append - Email0.97s
Contact Append - Phone1.27s
Contact Append - Mobile Phone0.27s
Contact Append - Multiphone1.27s
Demographic Append0.23s
Demographic Append - Financial0.24s
Demographic Append - Lifestyle0.21s
Demographic Append - Political0.15s
Online Audience Append - Consumer0.38s
Online Audience Append - Business0.40s
Firmographic Append0.22s
Consumer to Business Append0.40s
IP to Domain0.17s