Common Outputs

Versium REACH API services share a few common outputs that are returned for all Versium APIs. To see sample results, go to Make Your First API Call .

Output nameDescription
versionThe version of the API service used.
query_idAn ID unique to each query, useful if you need to troubleshoot.
resultsContains the results of the API call - this is the information you've asked for.
input_queryShows the inputs and options you used to make the API call
num_resultsGives the number of match records for the given search parameters
query_timeHow long the API call lookup took
num_matchesThe total number of matches returned by the API
match_countsObject containing the number of matches for each output type
errorsAn array of error messages - only present if the API returns any error

Output Example

Here's an example of the output you can expect:

  "versium": {
             "First Name":"Veronica",
             "Last Name":"Queck",
             "Address":"18804 10TH PL W",
             "Email Address":"[email protected]"

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