API Case Sensitivity

There are a few places in the API where case matters. They are:

  • Common API Parameter Names-- The name of each parameter is case-sensitive. For example, first, state, max_recs, The value you provide for the option is not case-sensitive.

  • API Key Header Name-- The API Key header name is case-sensitive and must be X-Versium-Api-Key.

  • API Key Value -- Your API Key value is case sensitive, so provide it exactly as it appears. You can easily copy it from the Manage API page in Versium REACH.

Everywhere else in the API, case doesn't matter, including:

  • The API call URI -- The https API call. For example .../v2/contact and ...V2/CONTACT both work.

  • Search values -- The value you provide for a search. For example, first=sue, first=SUE and first=Sue will all return the same results.