Output Sample

The Contact Append API will return results based on the selected output type. The below displays all the fields that can be returned by each output type.

Output based on Address

        "Individual Level Match",
        "First Name",
        "Last Name",
        "Postal Address",

Output based on Phone

        "Individual Level Match",
        "First Name",
        "Last Name",
        "Line Type"

Output based on phone_mobile

        "Individual Level Match",
        "First Name",
        "Last Name",
        "Mobile Phone"

Output based on phone_multiple

        "First Name",
        "Last Name",
        "Alt Phone 1",
        "Alt Phone 2",
        "Alt Phone 3",
        "Alt Phone 4",
        "Alt Phone 5",
        "Line Type",
        "Alt Line Type 1",
        "Alt Line Type 2",
        "Alt Line Type 3",
        "Alt Line Type 4",
        "Alt Line Type 5"

Output based on email

        "Individual Level Match",
        "First Name",
        "Last Name",
        "Email Address"

Output based on email_multiple

        "First Name",
        "Last Name",
        "Email Address",
        "Alt Email 1",
        "Alt Email 2",
        "Alt Email 3",
        "Alt Email 4",
        "Alt Email 5"

Linetype Note -- Due to factors like number portability, there is up to a 10% inaccuracy with the linetype result.

Response Example

Here's the output of the above API call, in JSON.

Note: output fields with no value do not show up in the response.

  "versium": {
             "First Name":"Veronica",
             "Last Name":"Queck",
             "Address":"18804 10TH PL W",
             "Email Address":"[email protected]"