Configuration Parameters

The list of filter and configuration parameters for the B2B Persona Listgen API.

Required Parameters

namedescriptionvalue typepossible valuesnotes
output[]Specify which fields should be returned in the output records - fields for either an email campaign or an online audience campaign.array of stringsb2b_persona_email,

Optional Parameters

namedescriptionpossible valuesnotes/example
max_recordsThe maximum number of records to return.
d_city_state[]US city,stateAny US city,state combination.Locations are converted to zip codes.

d_state[]US state2 digit US state abbreviation.d_state[]=wa
d_zip[]US zip codeAny 5 digit US zip code.d_zip[]=98052
d_county[]US county,stateAny US county,state combination.can't combine w/ metro, radius

cfg_b2clocA boolean that dictates whether any supplied location filters apply to a records business building location or the employees home location.1 or 01
d_sic[]An array of 4 digit US SIC codesd_sic[]=4151&d_sic[]=4152
d_industry[]An array of industriesAccounting and Bookkeeping

Agriculture (Crops)

Agriculture (Dairy/Poultry)

Agriculture (Livestock/Animal)

Agriculture (Services)

Agriculture (Veterinary)

Aircraft and Parts

Apparel and Fabric Products

Arms, Ordnance, Ammunition and Accessories

Automotive Services (Carwash)

Automotive Services (Miscellaneous)

Automotive Services (Parking)

Automotive Services (Rental, Leasing)

Automotive Services (Repair)

Banks and Depository Institutions

Botanical and Zoological Gardens

Business Associations

Business Consulting (Miscellaneous)

Business Services (Advertising)

Business Services (Cleaning/Pest/Property)

Business Services (Clerical)

Business Services (Direct Mail)

Business Services (Equipment Rental)

Business Services (Miscellaneous)

Business Services (Photography and Graphic Arts)

Business Services (Software, Programming, IT)

Business Services (Staffing/Personnel)

Chemicals (Industrial, Fertilizer, Organic)

Chemicals (Inorganic and Gasses)

Chemicals (Miscellaneous)

Chemicals (Paint, Ink, Adhesive)

Chemicals (Pharmaceutical and Drug)

Chemicals (Plastics)

Chemicals (Soap, Cosmetic, Specialty)

Civic, Social, And Fraternal Associations

Coal Mining

Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools

Commercial Equipment and Supplies

Communications and Telecom

Computer And Office Equipment

Construction (Building/Contractor)

Construction (Heavy)

Construction (Special Trade)

Construction and Building Materials

Credit Agencies

Credit Institutions

Credit Reporting

Eating And Drinking Places

Educational Services (Miscellaneous)

Electrical Equipment and Appliances

Electronics and Electronic Components

Elementary and Secondary Schools

Engineering, Architectural, And Surveying

Facilities Support Management Services

Fishing, Hunting, Trapping

Food Products (Bakery/Confectionary/Snack)

Food Products (Beverage/Wine/Spirit)

Food Products (Fruit/Vegetable)

Food Products (Grain/Mill/Oil)

Food Products (Meat/Dairy/Seafood)

Food Products (Miscellaneous)


Fuel Dealers

Furniture and Fixtures

Government Administration

Government Executive

Guided Missiles And Space Vehicles And Parts

Health Services (Dental Clinics)

Health Services (Dental Laboratory)

Health Services (Home Care)

Health Services (Hospitals)

Health Services (Medical Clinics)

Health Services (Medical Laboratory)

Health Services (Miscellaneous)

Health Services (Nursing and Rehabilitation)


Industrial and Commercial Machinery

Industrial and Commercial Supplies

Insurance and Casualty

International Affairs

Investment and Holding

Junior Colleges and Technical Institutes


Labor Unions And Similar Labor Organizations

Laboratory Equipment and Measurement Devices

Landscape Services

Leather And Leather Products

Legal Services


Lumber and Wood Products

Management Consulting Services

Management Services

Manufactured Goods (Drug, Sundries)

Manufactured Goods (Games, Toys)

Manufactured Goods (Miscellaneous)

Manufactured Goods (Paper, Stationery)

Manufactured Goods (Pens, Pencils, Artist Supplies)

Manufactured Goods (Sporting, Athletic)

Media and Broadcast

Medical / Dental Devices and Supplies

Membership Organizations

Metal (Fabricated Products)

Metal (Foundaries, Mills, Refining, Processing)

Metal Mining

Mining (Non-metallic)

Miscellaneous Non-durable Goods


Motion Picture

Motor Freight and Warehousing

Motor Vehicles and Transportation Equipment

Museums And Art Galleries

Musical Instruments

National Security

Navigation Equipment

Nonstore Retailers

Oil And Gas Extraction

Paper (Containers, Boxes and Paperboard Products)

Paper (Mills)

Passenger Transportation Services

Petroleum (Products)

Petroleum (Refining)

Petroleum (Refining/Terminals)

Photographic Equipment and Supplies


Political Organizations


Private Households

Professional Membership Organizations

Public Relations Services

Public Safety and Security



Real Estate (Agents/Brokers)

Real Estate (Management)

Real Estate (Miscellaneous)

Real Estate (Title)

Refrigeration and Vending Machinery

Regulation and Licensing

Religious Organizations

Research (Economic, Sociological, and Education)

Research (Non-commercial)

Research (Physical and Biological)

Retail (Apparel)

Retail (Appliance, Electronic, Computer)

Retail (Book, Media)

Retail (Building Materials/Hardware/Garden)

Retail (Department and General)

Retail (Drug, GM)

Retail (Gasoline)

Retail (Grocery/Food/Liquor)

Retail (Home Furnishing)

Retail (Miscellaneous)

Retail (Motor Vehicle)

Retail (RV/Recreational)

Retail (Sporting Goods)

Retail (Used)

Rubber And Plastics Products

Securities and Commodities

Services (Amusement and Recreation)

Services (Electronics Repair)

Services (Furniture)

Services (Laundry/Cleaning/Garment)

Services (Miscellaneous)

Services (Personal Care)

Services (Refrigeration and HVAC)

Services (Repair)

Services (Watch/Clock/Jewelry)

Services (Welding and Industrial Repair)

Ship and Boat Building

Social Services

Space and Research and Technology

Stone, Clay, Glass, And Concrete Products

Testing Laboratories


Tobacco Products

Transporation (Airline)

Transportation (Air Cargo, Charter and Courier)

Transportation (Equipment, Supplies)

Transportation (Maritime)

Transportation (Taxi, Busses, Charter)

Transportation (Transit)

Transportation (Trucking, Shipping)

United States Postal Service

Utilities (Electric, Gas, Sanitary)

Vocational Schools

Wholesale Durable (Motor Vehicles, Parts and Supplies)
d_industry[]=International Affairs
rd_title_seniority[]An array of seniority-related positions.
Note: values are case sensitive.


VP/Sr. Executive



rd_department[]An array of company departments.

Note: values are case sensitive.

Administrative Assistants


Business and Data Analysts

Construction & Trades


Customer Service - CSR




Finance and Accounting

Financial Planning - Advisors

Food - Restaurant

Human Resources - HR

Information Technology - IT




Media & Entertainment


Personal Care

Product Management

Project Management

Property and Facilities

Public Safety

Real Estate

Risk Management - Fraud

Sales & Business Development


Software Development - Engineering

Supply Chain and Procurement


Unclassified Management Titles
rd_role[]An array of company roles.

Note: values are case sensitive.
Account Managers

Accountants and Tax Specialists


Administrative Assistants

Adult and Continuing Education Teachers

Aerial Vehicle Pilots

Aerospace and Aerodynamics Engineers


Agriculture Educators

Agriculture Scientists, Engineers, and Researchers

Air Traffic Controllers

Ambassadors and Liaisons


Animal Husbandry Workers

Animal Workers

Appraisers and Pricing Specialists

Aquaculture Workers

Arbitrators, Mediators, and Hearing Officers

Art and Architecture Teachers

Artists and Artisans

Athletes and Sports Competitors

Attendants and Ushers


Audio Visual/Stage Technicians and Studio Set Workers

Audiologists and Hearing Specialists

Automotive Engineers

Automotive Mechanics

Aviation Mechanics

Aviation Workers

Bail Bond Agents




Beer, Wine, and Liquor Makers

Billing, Payroll, and Accounts Receivable/Payable


Biologists and Biology Techs

Biomedical Engineers

Boat Captains, Mates, and Pilots

Botanical Scientists


Business Development and Continuity

Business Educators

Business Intelligence and Analytics Specialists

Business Operations

Caregivers and Home Health Aides

Caregivers, Children and Adolescents


Cashiers and Tellers

Casino Dealers

Cellular and Microbiologists


Chemical Engineers


Civil Engineers



Climate Scientists

Clinical Administration and Medical Coordinators

Clinical Research Workers

Coaters, Pourers, Sprayers, and Platers

Communications Specialists

Computer Hardware Engineers

Computer Numerical Control Operators and Programmers

Computer Repair and Maintenance Techs

Concrete and Pavement Workers



Contract Specialists

Corrections Workers

Cost and Budget Specialists

Court Workers and Jurors, Excluding Judges

Creatives Including Designers, Decorators, Artists, Musicians, and Craftsmen

Credit Checkers and Analysts

Crime Scene Analysts and Forensic Scientists

Criminal Justice

Customer Service Representatives

Customs and Border Protection Agents

Dairy Workers

Dancers and Choreographers

Data Specialists

Data Specialists, Data Entry

Data Specialists, Databases

Data Specialists, Informatics

Data Specialists, Statisticians and Data Scientists

Data Specialists, Survey Collectors

Deans and Academic Department Chairs

Decorators and Display Artists

Delivery Personnel and Messengers

Dental Assistants

Dental Lab Technicians

Dentists and Dental Surgeons

Detectives and Criminal Investigators

Diesel and Heavy Equipment Mechanics

Digital Artists and Multimedia Specialists

Documentation Specialists

Drafters and Architects

Drill Operators, Production


Early Childhood Education Teachers

Economics Teachers


Editors and Publishers


Education Administration

Education Assistants

Educational Advisors and Counselors

Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineers, Broadcast and Telecommunications

Electrical Technicians

Electricians and Lineworkers

Electronics and Semiconductors Manufacturing and Repair

Elementary and Middle School Teachers

Embalmers, Morticians, and Funeral Workers

Emergency Medical Workers

Emergency Workers

Engineering Techs, Stationary Engineers, and Engineering Assistants


Engineers, Designers

Environmental and Sustainability Specialists

Ergonomics and Human Factor Engineers

Event Planners

Executives and Upper Level Managers

Facilities Maintenance Workers

Farm Equipment Mechanics

Fashion Consultants and Costumers

Fashion Designers


Finance Educators

Financial Advisors

Financial Analysts

Financial Clerks

Financial Compliance Specialists

Financial Service Sales Agents

Fire Investigators, Inspectors, and Safety Officers

Firefighters and Fire Prevention Specialists


Flight Crew Members

Flooring Workers


Flower Growers, Tree Growers, and Nursery Workers

Food Prep and Kitchen Workers

Food Production and Processing Workers

Food Scientists

Food Service Waiters and Expeditors

Food Service Workers

Food Workers

Food and Agriculture Inspectors

Freight and Cargo Handlers

Fuel and Energy Workers


Gambling and Casino Workers

Gas and Petroleum Extraction and Refinement Workers

Geo Scientists and Petroleum Engineers

Geographers, Cartographers, and Surveyors


Glassworkers, Lenses and Optics

Government Officials

Graduate Students

Grinding, Polishing, Buffing, and Sanding Workers

Grocery Workers

HR, Benefits and Compensation

HR, Job Placement Specialists

HR, Labor Relations

HR, Recruiters

HR, Training and Workforce Development

HVAC and Refrigeration Technicians

Health and Wellness Specialists

Heat Treaters and Furnace Operators

High School/Secondary Education Teachers

Hospitality Workers

Human Resources

Humanities and Social Science Specialists

Humanities and Social Science Teachers

Hunters and Trappers

Hydrologists and Oceanographers

IT Technical Support


Import Export Workers

Industrial and Commercial Designers

Industrial and Process Improvement Engineers

Infantry Combatants

Information Security Specialists

Information Technology Instructors

Information Technology Specialists

Inspectors, Graders, and Selectors


Insurance Claims Specialists and Adjusters

Insurance Clerks

Insurance Fraud and Investigators

Insurance Sales Representatives

Interior Decorators



Laboratory Workers


Landscapers and Groundskeepers

Language Teachers

Law Professors

Leather Hide Preparers

Leatherworkers and Furriers

Legal Assistants

Legal Practitioners

Legal Secretaries and Clerks

Lending and Mortgage Specialists

Librarians, Archivists, and Curators

Licensed Practical Nurses

Livestock Merchants

Livestock Workers


Logistics, Distribution Workers

Logistics, Shipping and Receiving

Lumber Workers

Machinery and Equipment Operators

Machinists and Millwrights

Managers and Supervisors

Marine Vessel Workers

Market Researchers and Analysts


Marketing, Advertisements

Marketing, Digital

Marketing, Search

Masonry and Stoneworkers

Massage Therapists and Spa Workers

Material Handlers

Material Scientists and Material Engineers

Math Teachers


Mechanical Engineers


Media Specialists


Medical Aides

Medical Assistants Excluding Physician Assistants

Medical Assistants, Phlebotomists and Specimen Collectors

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Medical Clerks, Scribes, and EMR Specialists

Medical Educators, Clinical

Medical Educators, Other

Medical Equipment Fabricators

Medical Equipment Mechanics

Medical Examiners, Investigators, and Coroners

Medical Orderlies and Attendants

Medical Prosthetists, Orthotists, and Opticians

Medical Rehabilitation Workers and Occupational Therapists

Medical Rehabilitation Workers, Recreational Therapy

Medical Rehabilitation, Physical Therapists

Medical Scientists

Medical Scientists, Genetics

Medical Techs

Medical Techs, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary

Medical Techs, Laboratory

Medical Techs, Neurology

Medical Techs, Optometry and Ophthalmology

Medical Techs, Radiology

Mental Health, Behavioral Specialists

Mental Health, Substance Abuse Counselors

Mental Healthcare Workers

Merchandise Display Stockers

Mergers and Acquisitions


Metalworkers, Welding

Meteorologists and Atmospheric Scientists and Technicians



Military Aviation

Military Intelligence Specialists

Military Sensor Specialists

Military Strategic Command and Operations

Mining and Excavation Workers


Mixing and Blending Workers


Motivational Speakers and Life Coaches

Musical Instrument Makers, Maintainers, and Installers

Musical Instrumentalists


Naval Engineers

Nuclear Engineers and Scientists

Nuclear Technicians and Nuclear Reactor Operators

Nurse Anesthetists

Nurse Practitioners

Nursing Assistants

Nursing Instructors

Nutritionists and Dieticians

Optics and Photonics Engineers


Painters, Commercial and Industrial


Parking Workers

Parks, Forestry, and Conservation Workers

Party Planning Sales

Pastry Chefs, Bakers, and Confectioners


Performance Entertainers

Personal Trainers and Athletic Trainers

Pest Control

Pharmacists and Pharmacologists

Pharmacy Techs and Assistants


Physician Assistants

Physicians, Alternative Medicine

Physicians, Immunologists and Allergists

Physicians, Internal Medicine


Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Boilermakers

Police Officers and Special Agents

Political Aides and Advisors


Portfolio and Asset Managers

Postal Workers, Non-Delivery

Precious Metalsmiths and Jewelers

Printing, Prepress, and Photography Technicians

Producers, Directors, and Casting for Film and Radio

Product Management

Production Planners and Schedulers

Production Workers


Program Managers

Programmers and Software Developers

Project Managers

Property and Community Association Managers

Public Relations Specialists

Quality Assurance and Safety Engineers

Quality Control Specialists

Radio/Television Hosts and Announcers

Radiology Techs, Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Radiology Techs, Nuclear Medicine and Dosimetrists

Radiology Techs, Ultrasound and Sonography

Radiology Techs, X-Ray

Rail Workers

Rail and Train Maintenance

Real Estate

Real Estate Sales

Recreation Workers

Registered Nurses

Regulatory Compliance Specialists

Religious Workers


Risk Management and Actuarial Science

Road Maintenance

Robotics Engineers


Safety Inspectors and Technicians


Sales Drivers and Delivery

Sales, Agriculture

Sales, Automotive

Sales, Commercial

Sales, Commercial and Retail Services

Sales, Industrial Equipment

Sales, Industrial Materials

Sales, Medical and Pharmaceutical

Sales, Retail Apparel and Accessories

Sales, Retail Goods

Sales, Technical and Engineering

Scheduling Clerks

Science Teachers


Security Guards and Screeners

Security Specialists

Social Welfare and Government Program Eligibility Specialists

Social Workers

Social Workers, Child and Family Specialists

Social Workers, Health

Social and Community Services Workers

Sound Engineers and Audio Technicians

Special Education Teachers

Special Forces

Specialty Physicians, Dermatologists

Specialty Physicians, Neurology

Specialty Physicians, Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Neonatal

Specialty Physicians, Opthalmologists and Orthoptists

Specialty Physicians, Optometry

Specialty Physicians, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Specialty Physicians, Other

Specialty Physicians, Pathology and Epidemiology

Specialty Physicians, Podiatry

Specialty Physicians, Psychiatry

Specialty Physicians, Radiology

Specialty Physicians, Urology

Speech Pathologists

Sports and Recreation Coaches and Physical Educators

Stenographers and Transcriptionists

Store and Venue Managers


Supply Chain and Procurement


Surgical Techs and Assistants

Surveillance Workers

System Admins, Networking

Systems Admins and Dev Ops

Tailors and Cobblers

Talent Agents and Promoters

Tattoo Artists

Technical Writers

Technicians and Technologists


Telecommunications Equipment Maintenance Specialists

Telephone/Switchboard Operators and Dispatchers

Textile Workers

Tour Guides


Traffic Workers

Train Conductors

Translators and Interpreters

Transportation Workers

Travel Agents and Concierges



UX/UI Specialists

Umpire, Referees, and Scorekeepers

Urban Planners

Vet Techs and Assistants


Video Editors

Video Game Designers and Testers

Videographers and Cinematographers

Vocal Performers

Vocational Educators

Warehouse and Inventory Workers

Waste Disposal and Sanitation Workers

Wastewater, Sewer, and Septic Workers

Weapons Specialists

Web Specialists

Weighers, Sorters, Samplers, and Measurement Readers



Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists
d_numemployeesThe number of employees in the company. Value should be a string range in this format: min-max.min: 0

max: 500000
d_salesvolumeThe annual sales volume of a company. Value should be a string range in this format: min-max.min: 0

max: 1000000000000

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