B2B Persona Based API

Business Persona Audience Builder

The REACH B2B Persona Based API helps to create curated lists of business contacts. Select from a set of data attributes to construct a customer profile that aligns with your marketing goals.

When creating a new B2B Persona Based list, a wide array of filter categories enables precise segmentation. Here below is a list of filters that can be used:

  • Geographical areas: city, state, zip, country
  • Industry and SIC codes
  • Title/Seniority, Department, Role
  • Number of employees
  • Sales Volume

Introduction to the B2B Persona Based API

The REACH B2B Persona Based API is a suite of RestFul APIs that enables developers to perform the following actions:

  1. Estimates: Query the API using all filters to have it return an estimated number of records before you proceed with the actual list generation
  2. List Generation Job: by providing all the data attributes to the API to generate your list


    By submitting the API request, you agree to be charged based on the results from the generated list.

  3. Job Status and download the list: Query the API to obtain the status of its processing and, once completed, download the newly generated list.

B2B Persona Based APIs

Click on each link to get more information on how to use the specific API.

UseAPI End PointMethod
Estimates APIhttps://api.versium.com/v2/personalistgen/estimate>GET
ListGen Job APIhttps://api.versium.com/v2/jobs/POST
Job Status and Download APIhttps://api.versium.com/v2/lists/<list-id>/downloadGET