Short-form API

The short-form API uses a GET request and condenses the long-form into formatted strings with positional parameters. Only 1 record at a time is supported with the short-form API. This API has 2 parameters with reserved names:

actions[]: Array of strings specifying the action name, input fields, output fields, and optional arguments. The actions will be performed in the order that they are specified. This takes the form:


outputs: A comma separated list of field names from the inputs or the outputs of actions. These will be the fields that are returned in the response while all other fields will be dropped.

All other parameters will be treated as input fields. This has the form:


The following example is a generic short-form API call for illustrative purposes. Specific examples will be provided in the List of DataPrep Actions section. Line breaks are strictly for readability and should not be included in the API call: