You use your API secret key to authorize your API calls. It's like your password for your API calls. Create your account and get your API key by checking out Get Started with Versium REACH APIs. Your key is case-sensitive.

API Key Authentication

Authentication is done by passing the API key in the “x-versium-api-Key” header.

Keep your Key Safe!

Your key is what allows you to access the API, and is used to determine your API usage for billing, so keep it safe! Be careful not share your secret API key in places where it may be visible publicly, such public GitHub repos or in your client-side code. If you think your API key has been compromised delete your key and create a new one. See Create and Delete API keys for details.

API Call via HTTPS

  • HTTPS -- You must make all API requests over HTTPS. API requests over HTTP or without authorization will fail.

Authentication Example

Here's an example of how to provide your API key in cURL and https.

curl \
-s \
-H "x-versium-api-key: <api key>" \
headers: {
        'X-Versium-Api-Key': '<api key>'
$headers[] = 'X-Versium-Api-Key: <api key>';
import requests

headers = {
    'X-Versium-Api-Key': '<api key>',