Build Your Own API Call

Here's the format of Versium API calls:


And here's how you build your own...

  1. Find the API Call -- Find the URL for the API service that gets the information you need in What APIs are Available? . Our samples use the Contact Append API.
    Here's the URL for that API service:
  2. Start call options -- This step simply adds a question mark to the URL, which indicates to the browser that options follow and these need to be passed to the API service.

  3. Add your output type -- Add what you want to search for, again separated by "&". See the Common API Parameter. For example, this API call uses the output[]=email&output[]=address to specify we want to obtain an email and a postal address.[]=email&output[]=address

  4. Add your input search parameters -- Add what you want to search for, again separated by "&". In our example, this API call we search for phone=2065551234.[]=email&output[]=address&phone=5551234567

  5. Call the API service -- When you're done adding inputs and options, you're ready to call the API. Note: You will need to add the API Key on the header to authenticate the call.

Your results will appear where a web page usually displays in your browser window.

What's Next?

Now that you've built your own API call, you're ready to dive in: