Demographic Output Sample

The Demographic Append API will return results based on the selected output type. The below displays all the fields that can be returned by each output type.

Consumer Demographic Insights

  • "Individual Level Match",
  • "DOB",
  • "Age Range",
  • "Gender",
  • "Ethnic Group",
  • "Religion",
  • "Education Level",
  • "Occupation",
  • "Language",
  • "Marital Status",
  • "Working Woman in Household",
  • "Senior in Household",
  • "Single Parent",
  • "Presence of Children",
  • "Number of Children",
  • "Young Adult in Household",
  • "Small Office or Home Office",
  • "Online Purchasing Indicator",
  • "Online Education"

Financial, Household and Auto Insights

  • "Individual Level Match",
  • "Home Own or Rent",
  • "Household Income",
  • "Estimated Net Worth",
  • "Home Year Built",
  • "Home Purchase Date",
  • "Home Purchase Price",
  • "Dwelling Type",
  • "Home Value",
  • "Length of Residence",
  • "Credit Card Holder Bank",
  • "Number of Credit Lines",
  • "Upscale Card Holder",
  • "Credit Rating",
  • "Mortgage Purchase Amount",
  • "Mortgage Purchase Loan Type",
  • "Mortgage Purchase Interest Rate Type",
  • "Mortgage Purchase Date",
  • "2nd Most Recent Mortgage Amount",
  • "2nd Most Recent Mortgage Loan Type",
  • "2nd Most Recent Mortgage Interest Rate Type",
  • "2nd Most Recent Mortgage Date",
  • "Loan to Value",
  • "Refinance Date",
  • "Refinance Amount",
  • "Refinance Loan Type",
  • "Refinance Rate Type",
  • "Home Pool",
  • "Auto Year",
  • "Auto Make",
  • "Auto Model"

Lifestyle and Interests Insights

  • "Individual Level Match",
  • "Magazines",
  • "Reading",
  • "Current Affairs and Politics",
  • "Mail Order Buyer",
  • "Dieting and Weight Loss",
  • "Travel",
  • "Music",
  • "Consumer Electronics",
  • "Arts",
  • "Antiques",
  • "Home Improvement",
  • "Gardening",
  • "Cooking",
  • "Exercise",
  • "Sports",
  • "Outdoors",
  • "Womens Apparel",
  • "Mens Apparel",
  • "Pets",
  • "Investing",
  • "Health and Beauty",
  • "Decorating and Furnishing"

Political and Donor Insights

  • "Individual Level Match",
  • "Party Affiliation",
  • "Donor Environmental",
  • "Donor Animal Welfare",
  • "Donor Arts and Culture",
  • "Donor Childrens Causes",
  • "Donor Environmental or Wildlife",
  • "Donor Health",
  • "Donor International Aid",
  • "Donor Political",
  • "Donor Conservative Politics",
  • "Donor Liberal Politics",
  • "Donor Religious",
  • "Donor Veterans",
  • "Donor Unspecified",
  • "Donor Community"

Full Demographic

  • The full list of attributes returned by the full_demographic output type can be found on the Full Demographic Insights page.

Response Example

Here's the output of the above API call, in JSON.

  "versium": {
  "version": "2.0",
    "match_counts": {
    "demographic": 1,
      "financial": 1,
      "lifestyle": 1,
      "political": 1
  "num_matches": 4,
    "num_results": 1,
    "query_id": "e32fd2db9edb73f1332473846ac784c6",
    "query_time": 0.9203360080718994,
    "results": [
     Individual Level Match: "Yes",
     DOB: "197203",
     Age Range: "45-55",
     Gender: "Male",
     Ethnic Group: "Western European",
     Religion: "Protestant",
     Education Level: "Completed College",
     Occupation: "Other",
     Language: "English",
     Marital Status: "Married",
     Working Woman in Household: "Yes",
     Senior in Household: "No",
     Single Parent: "No",
     Presence of Children: "Yes",
     Number of Children: "2",
     Young Adult in Household: "No",
     Small Office or Home Office: "No",
     Online Purchasing Indicator: "Yes",
     Online Education: "No",
     Home Own or Rent: "Own",
     Household Income: "$150,000-199,999",
     Estimated Net Worth: "> $499,999",
     Home Year Built: "2008",
     Home Purchase Date: "20081219",
     Home Purchase Price: "$350,000-399,999",
     Dwelling Type: "Single Family Dwelling Unit",
     Home Value: "$500,000-749,999",
     Length of Residence: "5-10 Years",
     Credit Card Holder Bank: "Yes",
     Upscale Card Holder: "Yes",
     Credit Rating: "700-749",
     Mortgage Purchase Amount: "390000",
     Mortgage Purchase Loan Type: "Va",
     Mortgage Purchase Date: "20081218",
     2nd Most Recent Mortgage Amount: "62000",
     2nd Most Recent Mortgage Loan Type: "Conventional",
     2nd Most Recent Mortgage Date: "20170814",
     Loan to Value: "62",
     Refinance Date: "20191015",
     Refinance Amount: "378000",
     Refinance Loan Type: "Conventional",
     Home Pool: "Yes",
     Auto Year: "2011",
     Auto Make: "Chevrolet",
     Auto Model: "Silverado",
     Magazines: "Yes",
     Reading: "Yes",
     Current Affairs and Politics: "No",
     Mail Order Buyer: "Yes",
     Dieting and Weight Loss: "Yes",
     Travel: "Yes",
     Music: "Yes",
     Consumer Electronics: "No",
     Arts: "No",
     Antiques: "No",
     Home Improvement: "Yes",
     Gardening: "No",
     Cooking: "No",
     Exercise: "Yes",
     Sports: "Yes",
     Outdoors: "Yes",
     Womens Apparel: "Yes",
     Mens Apparel: "No",
     Pets: "Yes",
     Investing: "No",
     Health and Beauty: "Yes",
     Decorating and Furnishing: "Yes",
     Party Affiliation: "Republican",
     Donor Environmental: "No",
     Donor Animal Welfare: "No",
     Donor Arts and Culture: "No",
     Donor Childrens Causes: "No",
     Donor Environmental or Wildlife: "No",
     Donor Health: "Yes",
     Donor International Aid: "No",
     Donor Political: "Yes",
     Donor Conservative Politics: "No",
     Donor Liberal Politics: "No",
     Donor Religious: "No",
     Donor Veterans: "No",
     Donor Unspecified: "No",
     Donor Community: "Yes"
    "input_query": {
      "first": "veronica",
      "last": "queck",
      "email": "[email protected]"