The Demographic Append API will return results based on the selected output type. The below displays all the fields that can be returned by each output type.

Consumer Demographic Insights

  • "Individual Level Match",
  • "DOB",
  • "Age Range",
  • "Gender",
  • "Ethnic Group",
  • "Religion",
  • "Education Level",
  • "Occupation",
  • "Language",
  • "Marital Status",
  • "Working Woman in Household",
  • "Senior in Household",
  • "Single Parent",
  • "Presence of Children",
  • "Number of Children",
  • "Young Adult in Household",
  • "Small Office or Home Office",
  • "Online Purchasing Indicator",
  • "Online Education"

Financial, Household and Auto Insights

  • "Individual Level Match",
  • "Home Own or Rent",
  • "Household Income",
  • "Estimated Net Worth",
  • "Home Year Built",
  • "Home Purchase Date",
  • "Home Purchase Price",
  • "Dwelling Type",
  • "Home Value",
  • "Length of Residence",
  • "Credit Card Holder Bank",
  • "Number of Credit Lines",
  • "Upscale Card Holder",
  • "Credit Rating",
  • "Mortgage Purchase Amount",
  • "Mortgage Purchase Loan Type",
  • "Mortgage Purchase Interest Rate Type",
  • "Mortgage Purchase Date",
  • "2nd Most Recent Mortgage Amount",
  • "2nd Most Recent Mortgage Loan Type",
  • "2nd Most Recent Mortgage Interest Rate Type",
  • "2nd Most Recent Mortgage Date",
  • "Loan to Value",
  • "Refinance Date",
  • "Refinance Amount",
  • "Refinance Loan Type",
  • "Refinance Rate Type",
  • "Home Pool",
  • "Auto Year",
  • "Auto Make",
  • "Auto Model"

Lifestyle and Interests Insights

  • "Individual Level Match",
  • "Magazines",
  • "Reading",
  • "Current Affairs and Politics",
  • "Mail Order Buyer",
  • "Dieting and Weight Loss",
  • "Travel",
  • "Music",
  • "Consumer Electronics",
  • "Arts",
  • "Antiques",
  • "Home Improvement",
  • "Gardening",
  • "Cooking",
  • "Exercise",
  • "Sports",
  • "Outdoors",
  • "Womens Apparel",
  • "Mens Apparel",
  • "Pets",
  • "Investing",
  • "Health and Beauty",
  • "Decorating and Furnishing"

Political and Donor Insights

  • "Individual Level Match",
  • "Party Affiliation",
  • "Donor Environmental",
  • "Donor Animal Welfare",
  • "Donor Arts and Culture",
  • "Donor Childrens Causes",
  • "Donor Environmental or Wildlife",
  • "Donor Health",
  • "Donor International Aid",
  • "Donor Political",
  • "Donor Conservative Politics",
  • "Donor Liberal Politics",
  • "Donor Religious",
  • "Donor Veterans",
  • "Donor Unspecified",
  • "Donor Community"

Full Demographic

  • The full list of attributes returned by the full_demographic output type can be found on the Full Demographic Insights page.

Response Example

Here's the output of the above API call, in JSON.

  "versium": {
  "version": "2.0",
    "match_counts": {
    "demographic": 1,
      "financial": 1,
      "lifestyle": 1,
      "political": 1
  "num_matches": 4,
    "num_results": 1,
    "query_id": "e32fd2db9edb73f1332473846ac784c6",
    "query_time": 0.9203360080718994,
    "results": [
     Individual Level Match: "Yes",
     DOB: "197203",
     Age Range: "45-55",
     Gender: "Male",
     Ethnic Group: "Western European",
     Religion: "Protestant",
     Education Level: "Completed College",
     Occupation: "Other",
     Language: "English",
     Marital Status: "Married",
     Working Woman in Household: "Yes",
     Senior in Household: "No",
     Single Parent: "No",
     Presence of Children: "Yes",
     Number of Children: "2",
     Young Adult in Household: "No",
     Small Office or Home Office: "No",
     Online Purchasing Indicator: "Yes",
     Online Education: "No",
     Home Own or Rent: "Own",
     Household Income: "$150,000-199,999",
     Estimated Net Worth: "> $499,999",
     Home Year Built: "2008",
     Home Purchase Date: "20081219",
     Home Purchase Price: "$350,000-399,999",
     Dwelling Type: "Single Family Dwelling Unit",
     Home Value: "$500,000-749,999",
     Length of Residence: "5-10 Years",
     Credit Card Holder Bank: "Yes",
     Upscale Card Holder: "Yes",
     Credit Rating: "700-749",
     Mortgage Purchase Amount: "390000",
     Mortgage Purchase Loan Type: "Va",
     Mortgage Purchase Date: "20081218",
     2nd Most Recent Mortgage Amount: "62000",
     2nd Most Recent Mortgage Loan Type: "Conventional",
     2nd Most Recent Mortgage Date: "20170814",
     Loan to Value: "62",
     Refinance Date: "20191015",
     Refinance Amount: "378000",
     Refinance Loan Type: "Conventional",
     Home Pool: "Yes",
     Auto Year: "2011",
     Auto Make: "Chevrolet",
     Auto Model: "Silverado",
     Magazines: "Yes",
     Reading: "Yes",
     Current Affairs and Politics: "No",
     Mail Order Buyer: "Yes",
     Dieting and Weight Loss: "Yes",
     Travel: "Yes",
     Music: "Yes",
     Consumer Electronics: "No",
     Arts: "No",
     Antiques: "No",
     Home Improvement: "Yes",
     Gardening: "No",
     Cooking: "No",
     Exercise: "Yes",
     Sports: "Yes",
     Outdoors: "Yes",
     Womens Apparel: "Yes",
     Mens Apparel: "No",
     Pets: "Yes",
     Investing: "No",
     Health and Beauty: "Yes",
     Decorating and Furnishing: "Yes",
     Party Affiliation: "Republican",
     Donor Environmental: "No",
     Donor Animal Welfare: "No",
     Donor Arts and Culture: "No",
     Donor Childrens Causes: "No",
     Donor Environmental or Wildlife: "No",
     Donor Health: "Yes",
     Donor International Aid: "No",
     Donor Political: "Yes",
     Donor Conservative Politics: "No",
     Donor Liberal Politics: "No",
     Donor Religious: "No",
     Donor Veterans: "No",
     Donor Unspecified: "No",
     Donor Community: "Yes"
    "input_query": {
      "first": "veronica",
      "last": "queck",
      "email": "[email protected]"